“Mindfulness is paying attention in a particular way; on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgmentally - Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn, Professor Emeritus, University of Massachusetts Medical School”

We work with CEOs, Managing Directors and Business Heads to enhance individual and company performance. It will be of your interest to search for tools that enhance sustainable performance, tools that could help your people and you do the work you love, while performing at the highest level, but without sacrificing well-being and balance in life. Mindfulness based practices could be one of the most effective in that category.



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About Us

The Institute for Awakening Mindfulness (iAM) is a research driven organisation with a vision to make Mindfulness a way of life for millions. We focus on building Mindfulness based practices for effectiveness, relationships and well-being, working with individuals, patients, business heads, CEOs, Managing Directors and their teams.

“Understanding & managing attention
is now the single most important
determinant of business success
-Tom Davenport, Former Director at Accenture”

Effectiveness through Mindfulness

Research has shown that companies that outperform their peers not only have a better product-market fit & timing, but also superior team and processes. At iAM, we believe that other than technical skills (e.g., selling skills, domain knowledge) and the management infrastructure (KPIs, Performance Management system, Organisation Structure etc.), it is the Attention that an individual gives to a task at hand, that determines individual and collective effectiveness. As per scientific research, about 46.9% of the time, our mind wanders - it is off task. Individuals find it useful to improve focus, increase positivity and engagement at work, thereby also improving their well-being.

Meet Our Experts

Entrepreneur, Management Consultant and Meditation practitioner
Rahul Bhargava

He started his career with the prestigious global management consulting firm, McKinsey and Company, and worked on CEO priority projects across India, Africa, Middle-East, select countries in Europe & South East Asia, the US and China. He joined a spiritual mission in 2008 and since then, has been learning & practicing Mindfulness Meditation. His decade long experience in healthcare, including working with the UN for public health in India, and a strong passion to ‘solve problems’ led him to start iAM - an institute to awaken mindfulness for health & wellness.

Executive & Celebrity Coach, Mindfulness
Santhosh Babu

Santhosh is a father to 14 years old Sandrine. For more than 25 years, he has been practicing mindfulness and hypnosis for healing. His clients remain associated with him for life, due to his natural, safe and effective methodology to heal complex psychosomatic cases ranging from peptic ulcers to post-traumatic stress disorders. Santhosh is Managing Director at OD Alternatives and an author of India’s first book on coaching. He is the Chief Advisor to Iam - Program for Healthy Pregnancy and the voice behind the Mindfulness tracks in the program

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When you partner with iAM, you are not hiring a vendor or buying a product. You are entering into a conversation about well-being & developing the potential of your organization and people. We take special care to customize the program for your unique needs.

We have as many solutions as clients but clients consider us for programs specific to 3 segments in their organisation:

For CXOs
and MDs

Self-Growth and top team dynamics

For Higher Performing Young & Middle Managers

Balancing Relationships and Performance

For Early Tenure

Emotional & Mental Well-Being

Regardless of the specific content, we offer different ways to engage your organization – keynotes, single or series workshops, intensive leadership training or a partnership to integrate mindfulness into your existing training and development programs.

Like you, we love to see impact and ROI. Most of our programs start with a diagnostic to measure the baseline. Select KPIs then get measured along the journey to assess the impact.

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